After School

Our after-school programs provide encouraging environments for your student to learn, grow, and develop various skills.

We learned from our parent survey that there is great interest in extracurricular programs at Académie Lafayette International High School. While we will not be able to satisfy every student’s choice, we plan to have rich and varied extracurricular activities that will grow as ALIHS enrollment increases.

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The sports program provides another opportunity to build community and for students to push themselves athletically in various pursuits. ALIHS encourages students to reclaim the ideals of a “student-athlete.” All students have the opportunity to pursue and excel in both academics and athletics. During the first few years ALIHS hopes to field the following teams: cross country, track & field, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and wrestling.

AL Sports

Information regarding high school sports will be released soon.

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    Clubs & Activities

    Organized and run by students, with help and guidance from faculty and parents, clubs give students another way to get to know each other outside of classes. All students are encouraged to participate and pursue new activities and interests. Clubs can foster valuable leadership and organizational skills. Offerings may include drama, dance, foreign languages, robotics, chess, debate, journalism, etc.

    AL Clubs

    Information regarding clubs will be released soon.

    Student Council

    Academic Support

    College preparedness and planning

    Students and families will be supported in the college application process by a guidance counselor. ALIHS is committed to seeing its graduates achieve success in their post-secondary educational pursuits.