Académie Lafayette is creating critical thinkers. Parents, students, and staff work together to educate and support our children.

“We have 3 kids who have attended Académie Lafayette. I cannot express enough my gratitude for the amazing education that they have received at AL. My daughter, who attends a rigorous college prep program in KC, was more than prepared to tackle the next phase of life. She is one of the leaders in her Junior class and her teachers are always praising her ability to adapt, overcome, and critically assess what needs to be done. This is all thanks to her time at Académie Lafayette. In addition to the wonderful teaching staff at this school, she shared class time with a beautifully diverse group of kids who she still remains in contact with today. The friendships she created and the skills she grew are life changing and everlasting. World languages, travel, diversity, and a broadened understanding of our global world are just a few of the reasons why our family have been so thankful for our time at AL.”

— The Kohlmeyer Family

“Our children graduated from Académie Lafayette with more than a world-class education. They have a global awareness that most kids don’t. They have learned to be resourceful, committed, and focused in their studies. They remain connected with their former AL classmates and teachers. With their help, our kids have gained a love of learning that we are sure will last a lifetime. As a parent, what more could you possibly want?”

— Angela and Ron Michka, Alumni Parents

“The dedication of our parents, faculty, staff, and the community as we tackle almost any project has been astounding. Each challenge, no matter how difficult, is met with a spirit of determination and anticipation. Our focus is to provide a world-class education for our students in order to better prepare them to be change agents and global leaders.”

— Elimane Mbengue, Head of School

“I love that my kids have teachers from all over the world. They have been able to get great insights into different cultures through the amazing teachers. They are willing to share not only knowledge of their subject, but also their unique life experiences.”

— Mary Adams, Parent of 3rd and 7th graders