Safety Procedures

The Académie Lafayette Safety Committee updates safety and emergency procedures each year to ensure a safe environment for students and staff.

Raptor Screening System

Frequently Asked Questions about the Raptor Screening System

Yes, everyone who comes inside needs to come to the office to check in.

The process generally takes a couple of seconds.

The Raptor System allows for staff to type in your first name, last name, and date of birth.

Not necessarily. If you are an occasional visitor, you will be asked for your identification for scanning each time. If you are a regular school volunteer, you may not be scanned at each visit.

Volunteers and visitors will not be scanned after school hours.

Only the head of school and principals will have access to the results of positive scans.

No, Raptor will not record or retain information from your identification.

Raptor checks identification against a national database of registered sex offenders.

The scanner can scan all state licenses, state identification cards, concealed handgun licenses, consular ID cards, green cards, active military cards, and passport cards (not the full passport). It does not scan other countries’ identification cards.

The campus principal will be contacted immediately. The principal can question the individual and explain the process to them. Based on their knowledge of the person and situation, the administrator can decide to allow entry or refuse access to the facility and/or a student. If the visitor does not supply proper identification, they can give their full name and date of birth to be checked in.  

No. After the first scanning, the Raptor operator would find the visitor’s name in the system (first or last name look-up) and use the record of the previously-scanned ID to sign the visitor in and print a visitor’s badge. This makes check-in much easier after the initial visit. 

The checkout process does not involve scanning the card again. The operator will find the name of the person signing out and click a “sign out” button. This provides a record of entry and departure and time on any campus.