Strategic Plan

Raising the Bar: Ensuring a High-Quality Education for Every Student

Académie Lafayette’s 2023-2028 strategic plan is a strong commitment to building a positive school culture that values diversity, inclusion, and equity. AL is also committed to adequately supporting each and every student and to actively engaging all our stakeholders to establish a caring community of learners.

Participants in the planning process were parents, staff and teachers, administrators, and Board members who volunteered hours of weekend time to work on the plan.

Vision Statement

Where Kansas City children grow up to be academically excellent, globally responsible, and active participants in the world community.

Our Mission

To educate the children of Kansas City to become globally minded, locally active, critical thinkers through immersion in world languages and cultures.

Our Values
  • Excellence – We value high expectations, rigorous academics, and hard work. Our relentless pursuit to both challenge and nurture each student results in students who reach their full potential inherently.
  • Character –Our committed teachers and community of families complement one another to lead by example reinforcing and teaching our students the value of integrity, honesty, and respect for others.
  • Diversity – We recognize, celebrate, welcome, and embrace our differences and work to attract and retain all into our school community. As global citizens, we are committed to exploring and leveraging what makes us unique including a global mindset, intercultural curiosity, and multilingual capabilities.
  • Accountability – We demand responsibility for results and will openly share our practices, outcomes, and decision-making to achieve these results.
College and Career-Ready
  • Mastery: AL students will demonstrate proficiency in French literacy, English literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and other relevant disciplines.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving: AL students will develop strong analytical and reasoning skills to solve complex problems.
  • Career readiness: AL students will demonstrate leadership, teamwork, professionalism, and effective communication in an inclusive and equitable workplace. They will use technology in a competent and ethical way.
Globally Minded
  • Cultural competence: AL students will develop an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, perspectives, and beliefs.
  • Global awareness: AL students will understand global issues and their roles as informed citizens in an interconnected world.
  • Environmental stewardship: AL students will demonstrate knowledge and practices that contribute to environmental sustainability.
Engaged Citizens
  • Civic engagement: AL students will actively participate in their communities, understand democratic principles, and contribute to positive social change.
  • Ethical leadership: AL students will develop leadership qualities, including collaboration, empathy, and effective ethical decision-making.
  • Service-oriented mindset: AL students will engage in meaningful service-learning experiences to address local and global needs.
Multilingual Communicators
  • Language competency: AL students will demonstrate proficiency in English, French and/or Mandarin and Spanish
  • Interpersonal competency: AL students will be able to develop healthy and productive relationships with others and interact with the larger community.
  • Multicultural communicators: AL students will be able to express ideas clearly, listen actively, and engage in respectful and constructive discussions in different languages with people of diverse backgrounds.

Goal 1: Student Population

The Académie Lafayette student body will reflect the demographics of the Kansas City School District boundary population.

  1. The racial and ethnic demographics of the Académie Lafayette student population will ultimately reflect the demographics of the KCPS boundary.
  2. AL will retain 95% of its students regardless of ethnicity, race, or socioeconomic status.
  3. AL will enroll 27% of low socioeconomic students.
Goal 2: School Culture

Académie Lafayette will foster a school culture that is safe, caring, inclusive, and equitable.

  1. AL will create a supportive school culture that ensures student safety, well-being, and a sense of belonging.
  2. AL will provide an inclusive and equitable curriculum that reflects the diversity of our school community.
  3. AL will build a productive partnership with its school families and stakeholders to support the successful education of all learners.
Goal 3: Academic Achievement

Académie Lafayette will successfully educate all students.

  1. At least 75 % of AL students will be proficient or advanced in French and in the MAP test subjects.
  2. AL will close the academic achievement gap between student subgroups by 50% at the end of 5th grade.
  3. Every AL high school graduate will be college or career-ready.
Goal 4: Highly-Qualified Educators

Académie Lafayette will recruit, support, and retain highly effective educators to meet the needs of our diverse learners.

  1. AL will recruit and hire highly qualified teachers and instructional leaders who fit our school mission and culture.
  2. AL will foster a supportive and collaborative culture that promotes staff well-being, continuous learning, and improvement.
  3. AL will retain 90% of its teachers and instructional leaders annually.