Strategic Plan

The school’s Strategic Plan provides a roadmap of goals and action items to ensure Académie Lafayette continues on its course of excellence.

Académie Lafayette’s 2018 – 2023 strategic plan, “Educating Diverse Leaders,” is a strong commitment to building a positive school culture that values diversity, inclusion and equity.  AL is also committed to adequately supporting each and every student and to actively engaging all our stakeholders to establish a caring community of learners.

2018 – 2023 Strategic Goals: 

  • Goal 1: Académie Lafayette student body will reflect the demographics of Kansas City School District Boundary Population

  • Goal 2: Académie Lafayette will foster a school culture that is caring, inclusive and equitable

  • Goal 3: Every student at Académie Lafayette will be successfully educated.

  • Goal 4: Académie Lafayette will recruit, support and retain highly effective educators to address the needs of diverse learners

Participants in the planning process were parents, staff and teachers, administrators, and Board members who volunteered hours of weekend time to work on the plan.