Arrival & Dismissal

School times are as follows:

Cherry Campus

Doors open at 8:00 am
Classes start at 8:30 am
Classes dismiss at 4:00 pm

Late Start Wednesdays

Upper Room starts at 8:00 am
Doors opens at 9:30 am
Classes start at 9:45 am
School dismisses at 4:00 pm

Oak Campus

Doors open at 7:45 am
Classes start at 8:15 am
Classes dismiss at 3:45 pm

Late Start Wednesdays

Upper Room starts at 7:45 am
Doors opens at 9:15 am
Classes start at 9:30 am
School dismisses at 3:45 pm

The following hours will be implemented for the 24-25 school year:

K-5 (Cherry & Oak): doors open at 7:15 am, classes start at 7:30 am, classes dismiss at 3:00 pm. After-school care will be offered until 6 pm.

Late start Wednesdays hours:

K-5 (Cherry & Oak): doors open at 8:30 am, classes start at 8:45 am, classes dismiss at 3:00 pm. Before-school care will be offered.

Review our procedures for school arrival and dismissal. All dismissal changes must be called in or emailed to the teacher and office by noon.

Only students in grades 4 and up are allowed to walk. K-3 students may walk if accompanied by a sibling grade 4 and up. Please submit the completed form to your campus’ front desk and inform your child’s teacher of the updated dismissal routine.

BUILDING ENTRANCE DOOR WILL REMAIN LOCKED AT ALL TIMES (as well as all other doors to the building). During the school day, the door will remain locked and all who enter will be buzzed into the building. Please be ready to show an ID when picking up a student.