Conseil d’Ecole

School leaders meet regularly with parent and faculty representatives to get feedback, share decision-making, and build community.

The Conseil d’Ecole is an advisory committee to the Head of School. Representatives from different buildings and grade levels meet throughout the year to promote shared decision-making, to get cross-constituency feedback on the management of the school and to promote collaboration and partnership between the administration, the faculty and the parents. Representatives are chosen by teachers, room parents and by the head of school. They typically serve one-year terms. Meetings are currently held virtually.

Advisory role

1. Overall management of the school
  • School yearly calendar
  • School communication
  • New educational measures
  • Strategic planning
  • Extracurricular activities (athletic, cultural and educational)
  • School lunch
  • School uniform
  • School environment
  • Student wellbeing and safety
  • Implementation of academic programs and choice of teaching resources
2. Parent-elect board member
  • Interview parent-elect board candidates
  • Coordinate the parent-elect board member election