After School

Our after-school care programs provides a safe and nurturing environment for your children to learn, grow, and develop social skills.

Upper Room Care

Académie Lafayette has reached an agreement with the Upper Room to run our after-school program. The Upper Room has 20+ years of experience in running after-school programs. The decision is in line with our strategic plan goals adopted by our Board of Directors, to provide affordable after-school care with homework support. Académie Lafayette is excited to partner with the Upper Room.

The Upper Room is capable of accepting all families who need after-school care or just want to be involved with this great program. After school activities will include homework supervision utilizing our teachers (in French), as well as enrichment classes, visual and performing arts, sports, and scouting activities. The program is offered and takes place at Oak and at Cherry.

Click here to sign up for the Upper Room after-school program.


AL students are learning the value of teamwork, the rules of sportsmanship and friendly competition, and the beauty of supporting one another in all endeavors.