Why Académie Lafayette?

What if you went to work each day knowing your efforts are a part of something greater, a place where educational excellence is accessible? Académie Lafayette takes pride in our employees, and why Académie Lafayette  is such an amazing place to work at. You’ll be surrounded every day by a supportive network of intelligent, passionate, and hard working colleagues. You’ll receive unmatched feedback, thrive in a diverse culture that encourages collaboration, and gain opportunities to grow through data-driven professional development.

Académie Lafayette will deliver on its promise, by becoming a model of teaching excellence, a pioneer in innovative student support, and an agent of economic growth and social justice.

At Académie Lafayette, excellence fosters opportunity. Excellence in teaching leads to innovative, technology-rich learning opportunities that promote the acquisition of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.

Académie Lafayette will ensure that all of its employees have the knowledge and skills to be effective in their role of supporting students and their families. Académie Lafayette will also support staff wellness so that employees can effectively do their jobs in order to develop professionally as highly effective individuals and team members. Académie Lafayette employees must:

  • Acquire and refine essential skills to provide the highest quality service. 
  • Have access to relevant, differentiated and high-quality professional development.
  • Utilize data, feedback, reflection and dialogue to improve performance. 
  • Participate in ongoing cycles of learning, including the sharing of best practices.

The following information is intended to help you understand our health insurance options, our retirement plan, and our supplemental benefits that we offer.

Medical, Dental, Vision Care & Supplemental

We offer Health insurance through Humana PPO, premium subsidized by Académie Lafayette. Dental insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City, employee premium paid by Académie Lafayette and Vision insurance through EyeMed, employee paid premium. Aflac supplemental insurance, optional, employee paid premium.