Our Schools

As we recognize our 20th anniversary as a public charter school in Kansas City, Missouri, AL is also poised to realize our years-long dream of opening a high school. With the 2020 addition of Académie Lafayette International High School, our system will now serve  students on three campuses: grades K–5 at the Cherry campus and at the Oak campus, and grades 6–8 and 9–11 at the Armour campus.

Grades K–5

Our youngest students attend one of two elementary facilities: The Oak campus in Brookside, or the Cherry campus in Midtown. The elementary program is focused on full language immersion and provides door-to-door busing, after school programs, a uniform closet, and a unique learning environment unlike any other in Kansas City.

Grades 6–8

Académie Lafayette’s middle school students attend the Armour campus in Midtown. In addition to their continued French immersion experience, their education is supplemented with the excellent IB Middle Years Programme. In grades 6–8, a second foreign language is added to the curriculum and students benefit from their participation in International Baccalaureate programmes.

Grades 9-11 (eventually 9–12)

In its first year (2020–21), Académie Lafayette International High School began with a small class of 9th graders. As this inaugural class matriculated, the school will grow to include grades 9–10 (2021–22), grades 9–11 (2022–23), and finally grades 9–12 (2023–24). The high school is located on its own floor of the Armour campus. State-of-the-art facilities and programming await high school students from throughout the district.