7th Grade Trip

Students can broaden their experiences and enhance their language skills on this incredible visit to France.

History of the trip to France

The trip to France was started more than 20 years ago for students at Ecole Longan. At the time, there were Spanish, French, and German immersion schools in the Kansas City Public School District. Only the French students traveled, however, and this was used as a marketing tool to get parents to sign up for the French magnet school. At that time, the trip was for the 5th grade. The reason was because Ecole Longan ended after 5th grade, and students then transferred to Foreign Language Academy. Just as today, the trip was paid for by a combination of payments by parents and parent fundraising. Small scholarships were available.

The trip to France was very important to parents and teachers at Ecole Longan because of the benefits they saw in their students who traveled. However, the school district decided to discontinue the trip in 1998. The decision to end the trip was one of the factors that led to breaking away from the school district and founding the charter school.

At Académie Lafayette, we support this important travel experience because it gives our students an opportunity to broaden their experience beyond the classroom to experience life in another culture. It also gives them a unique opportunity to build their confidence in their language skills by solidifying their French in day-to-day conversation.


Register as a new traveler at Language & Friendship. Once you have completed the registration form, you must print, sign, and turn in the form to us with a picture of your child and a check made payable to Language & Friendship. Do not mail the check directly to L&F. Your child is not considered registered until all these steps are complete.

Make a Payment

All payments for your child’s trip to France are not to be paid directly to Language & Friendship. Please log into your child’s account and pay there.

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