Cheer Team

Allez Lafayette!

Welcome to the award-winning Académie Lafayette Musketeer Cheer Program! We welcome any student, grades 6-8, to try out to join our cheer team. Experience in cheer, dance, or tumbling is welcome but not at all required. All we ask is that once you have made the team, you commit to your decision to join the team and give us your best effort and positive attitude. This includes a dedication to attending all practices, workshops, games, and other performances. And, remember that cheerleaders are leaders. We adhere to all Académie Lafayette athletic and student policies and we show support for our school and teams at all times. We provide a positive example to others in our community. In these ways, we take pride in being exemplary athletes and students. 

While the Académie Lafayette Cheer Program is an all-year program, we understand that some students may wish to cheer during only fall or winter athletics. If this applies to you, we ask that you make that clear during cheer clinics prior to tryouts. It will NOT affect your ability to make the team, but it will have a major impact on how we plan our year and resources, so please be clear about your intentions and needs for participation. Unfortunately, there is very little opportunity to perform during the spring season. However, if they are invited to the team after fall or spring tryouts, we are open to students joining the following spring and attending practices to learn the skills. 


Cheerleaders will learn athletic cheerleading skills such as jumps, stunts, chants, cheers, timing, and voice control. Cheerleaders will learn to be present with confidence and purpose. Cheerleaders will have the opportunity to explore their creativity and leadership skills within the team. All cheerleaders are invited to bring new ideas to the team at any time. Cheerleaders will learn qualities of personal responsibility within a team setting, such as punctuality, personal best, goal-setting, and encouragement of others. Cheerleaders will learn to perform in front of their peers, encouraging positivity and school spirit for all. Cheerleaders will perform at volleyball, cross-country, soccer, boys basketball, and girls basketball games as well as compete in the KC Metro League Championship Cheer Competition.

Parents, interested in getting involved?

Contact Jessica Wallace through the contact form at right. We would love help teaching new cheers, cheer skills, basic stunts, routines, team-building activities, confidence-building exercises, etc. Time commitment is very flexible. Contributing to even one practice or workshop can go a long way in building a great team!

Contact Jessica Wallace


    Amanda Lyons


    The Académie Lafayette Musketeer cheerleading program provides all Académie Lafayette middle-schoolers an opportunity to be involved in a program that stewards school spirit and community-building. Our program celebrates and seeks diversity. This group of athletes supports Académie Lafayette to the highest degree. We believe success is achieved by putting forth one’s best effort at all times, demonstrating respect toward others, and leading fans with Musketeer pride. As coaches, we promise to create a positive, safe, and encouraging environment for students to achieve their goals and develop into confident young people. We rely on parents to support these program goals. Our program supports and celebrates all Académie Lafayette sports programs. Together we are all Musketeers!