ALIHS Course Offerings

MYP Courses and Grade 11 & 12 Electives

Language and Literature Language Acquisition
Language and Literature I: English
Language and Literature II: English
Language & Literature I: French
*Language & Literature II: French
French I
French II
French III
Spanish II
Spanish III
*Spanish IV
Heritage Spanish
Mandarin I
Mandarin II
Mandarin III
Individuals and Societies Sciences
World History
American History
Personal Finance
General Physical Science
General Biology
General Chemistry
General Physics
Mathematics Arts
Algebra I
Integrated Alg I /Geometry
Algebra II
College Prep Mathematics
Visual Art I & II
Jewelry I & II
Ceramics and Sculpture I & II
Drawing and Painting I & II
Drawing and Painting I & II
Introduction to Theatre
Vocal Music
Music Technology
Design Physical Education &  Health
Convergence Journalism I
Convergence Journalism II
Yearbook I
Yearbook II
Product and Digital Design I
Product and Digital Design II
Computer Science I
Computer Science II
Computer Science III
Foundations of Fitness

*Indicates college credit enrollment option through UMKC

DP Courses for Grades 11 & 12

Group 1: Language and Literature Group 2: Language Acquisition
Literature in English  HL
Literature in English SL
Literature in French SL
French B HL
French B SL
Spanish B SL
Mandarin B SL
Group 3: Individuals and Societies Group 4: Sciences
History of the Americas HL
History of the Americas SL
Environmental Systems and Societies SL
Chemistry HL
Chemistry SL
Physics SL
Group 5: Mathematics Group 6: The Arts 
Analysis and Approaches HL
Analysis and Approaches SL
Approaches and Interpretations SL
Visual Arts HL
Visual Arts SL
Film HL
Film SL
DP Core Requirement
Theory of Knowledge