Approaches to Learning (ATL) Skills

One of the key components of the MYP curriculum framework is its clear focus on Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills, or learning how to learn. This fundamental aspect of the MYP emphasizes the developmentally crucial tasks for 11- to 16- year-olds. ATL skills are placed near the center of the MYP model and represent skill development needed for all students. The five, broad categories of ATL are: Research, Communication, Social Skills, Thinking Skills, and Self Management Skills.

At Académie Lafayette, ATL skills are carefully embedded within the curriculum and throughout the five years of our MYP to support student growth in all subject areas. Our teachers model these skills and develop learning experiences for students for practice and development of their own skillset. 

Throughout the academic year, students will self-assess their ATL skill growth, and teachers will provide feedback to students and families about progress in ATL skill categories through ManageBac. Progress reports and  report cards will communicate student progress on ATL skills using the following communication:

  • EE: Exceeding Expectations
  • ME: Meeting Expectations
  • AE: Approaching Expectations
  • BE: Below Expectations